It’s not uncommon to live in a household where family members are sensitive to chemicals. In fact, studies show that 1 in 4 Americans report chemical sensitivities — a large increase from years past. It’s also not uncommon to live in a household where natural products are simply favored based on health or environmental concerns, or oftentimes a combination of the two. To give the best service to Lush Lawn customers and remain in touch with their needs, we offer an natural lawn care service that uses an organic-based lawn fertilizer. You’ll feel confident in the care your lawn receives, without having to worry about safety or negative environmental effects.

What Is Natural Lawn Care?

In its simplest terms, natural lawn care is a chemical-free method of maintaining lawns. Rather than using a chemical-based fertilizer, natural lawn care uses natural sources like plant and animal byproducts to revitalize the health of lawns. Natural fertilizers, for instance, release organic matter into soil that improves its structure (and therefore its ability to absorb water and nutrients) and also feeds microbes, which in turn adds more nutrients to the soil. Because these fertilizers vary in composition from their synthetic counterparts, it’s natural that the speed of their effects varies. Whereas synthetic fertilizers have an immediate impact on the soil upon contact, natural fertilizers need time to break down before they’re absorbed into the soil. While this timeline can differ based on the temperature of the soil and its moisture levels, the natural route can take anywhere from two to six weeks to have an effect.

Our Natural Lawn Care Program

Organic-Based Fertilizer

Lush Lawn’s natural lawn care service consists of a series of seven applications spread out throughout the growing season. Each lawn treatment includes a granular, slow-release fertilizer that avoids burning lawns. (This can happen when lawn fertilizers break down too quickly or force-feed the turf.) The fertilizer we use is an organic-based product that is made with feather, soybean and bone meal, with no manure included.

Natural Weed Control

The idea behind natural weed control is that a healthy lawn and soil promote significant plant growth that will ultimately crowd out local weeds. By following best practices to keep the lawn as healthy and lush as possible, you can subsequently reduce problematic weeds. To control weeds, it’s necessary to remove them manually or spot spray them with various non-selective treatments such as acetic acid (vinegar). However, this approach is not nearly as effective as a chemical treatment and it can harm beneficial plants as well. Because of this, customers have the option to have a liquid weed control applied with each of our organic lawn care applications. Please note that our weed control is not an organic product. Customers can choose to either exclude the use of the weed control altogether or opt to spray weed control in some but not all applications. The latter strikes a balance between reducing the chemicals used on your property and keeping pesky weeds at a manageable level. While we don’t offer an organic product to prevent crabgrass in the spring, we can replace the first round of our organic lawn care service with a synthetic fertilizer that contains a crabgrass pre-emergent. This is a great option for maintaining a primarily organic lawn while still reaping the benefits of a crabgrass-free lawn. (Please note that we can’t guarantee protection from crabgrass without applying a crabgrass preventative in the springtime.)

The Benefits of Our Natural Lawn Care Service

When you invest in our natural lawn care service, you can expect to:
  • Naturally develop a healthier root system that makes your lawn more resilient
  • Add essential nutrients back into your soil that feeds living parts of your lawn
  • Create a safe environment for children and pets sensitive to chemicals
  • Reduce the flow of chemicals within groundwater supplies to benefit the environment
Interested in Our Natural Lawn Care Service? Contact Your Closest Lush Lawn Branch for More Information.  
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