In recent years, more and more homeowners have made the choice to invest in their lawn and landscape, adding value to their home while increasing overall enjoyment of the space. As reported by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), 40% of Americans with a yard had hired a lawn care professional to help achieve the results they wanted to see. Choosing the right local lawn care service provider for your home is important, as the results are visible to guests, neighbors and potential buyers alike.

As a provider of local lawn care services, Lush Lawn is passionate about the value of lawn care and helping Southeast Michigan homeowners get the most out of their investment. Our team of licensed, well-trained and experienced professionals utilizes the best products and techniques to make sure your lawn receives the exact level of care it needs and that you see the optimal results.

Why Is Lawn Care Important?

The Impact on Lawn Health

When it comes to lawn care, one health issue can easily snowball into a long string of problems. Consider the case where improper watering techniques lead to bare spots in your lawn. These bare spots serve as a favorable environment for weed growth, and if this issue is left untreated, weeds will continue to spread throughout your lawn at a rapid pace. As these problems pile on, the health of your lawn inevitably continues to decline — and the harder it becomes to reverse.

The Impact on Lawn Safety

Lawns are designed to be enjoyed, not create cause for safety concerns. But there are times when the latter is true. For instance, if soil becomes compacted and there’s nowhere for water to go, pools of moisture are likely to form on your lawn. Dangerous insects — mosquitoes, for instance — are attracted to this standing water and may in turn make your yard their home.

The Impact on Lawn Aesthetics

When a lawn isn’t properly cared for, it tends to show — whether in the form of a thin lawn covered in thatch, filled with bare spots or overcrowded with weeds. Whatever the picture might be, it can detract from your home’s curb appeal and have a negative impact on how prospective buyers view and value your property in the future.

The Local Lawn Care Services We Offer

At Lush Lawn, we’ve developed an incredibly effective lawn care program that is administered by our team of knowledgeable lawn care professionals. Understanding that every lawn is unique — from different grass types to soil conditions — we pair our standard lawn care packages with a comprehensive list of specialized local lawn care services to cater to every need. These services include:

  • Aeration to break up compacted soil
  • Overseeding to repopulate bare spots
  • Lawn health evaluation and diagnosis
  • Treatment programs for soil health
  • A winter lawn preparation program

In addition to the lawn care services referenced above, we also offer weed control services too. Included in the price of our fertilization services, our weed control services treat various kinds of weeds that invade Southeast Michigan lawns. While removing eyesores, these treatments also ensure that your lawn has access to the nutrients it needs and that infestations are controlled.

Interested in Our Professional Lawn Care Services? Contact Your Local Lush Lawn Branch for More Information.

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