The most serious forms of lawn damage often seem trivial at the start. Dollar spot fungus is a powerful case in point. This infection eats through the blades of your grass all the way to their roots, damaging the lawn so badly that reseeding is often necessary.  Yet in its early stages, this fungus looks so harmless that few homeowners even realize they have a problem, making it hard to take action before it is too late. Lush Lawn can identify and eliminate ​lawn fungus as soon as it takes root, keeping your turfgrass healthy for the long haul.


What is Dollar Spot Fungus?

Dollar spot is a fungal infection that affects virtually every variety of grass, including bentgrass. Its name comes from the fact that it initially appears as a circular area of discoloration. This ​brown patch can be anywhere from 1 to 6 inches in diameter but is typically the size of a silver dollar.  Over time, the fungus spreads throughout the grass, killing it and leaving spores in the ground that will affect future plants. 

Dollar spot fungus is so harmful in part because of its high levels of resilience. During the winter, the lawn disease goes into a dormant state within your turf known as mycelium, allowing it to resist even the most severe cold weather. Then when temperatures climb above 60, it begins to spread again, reaching its peak between 70 and 90 degrees. Even when you have removed infected grass, the fungus can live on in the soil and thatch.  Warm days and cool nights are often attributed to dollar spot, as well as low nitrogen levels in your lawn.

How to Identify Dollar Spot Fungus

The most obvious sign of a dollar spot infection is the spots themselves, which appear on areas of the lawn that have been infected. These spots never grow larger than 6 inches, allowing you to distinguish this condition from others that cause larger spots. 

In addition to this sign, you should pay attention to individual grass blades. If they have been infected with dollar spot fungus, you will notice small lesions on them, which are brown or red in color and tend to be found near the bottom and top parts of the plant. Any grass that has these lesions has likely been compromised by ​lawn fungus. You should treat them as quickly as possible to prevent the fungus from spreading to other parts of your lawn.

Types of Dollar Spot Fungus Control Treatment

Treating this lawn fungus requires the use of fungicides or chemicals that kill mold on contact. In choosing a fungicide, you should not only look for a product that has as large and quick an impact as possible but also one that the dollar spot is unlikely to become resistant to. 

Some fungicides, such as boscalid and flutolanil, are highly effective in the short run but have a high resistance risk. This means that dollar spot and other fungi adapt to them and learn how to grow despite treatment. Other products, like chlorothalonil and mancozeb, have low resistance risks but are not very effective in the first place. The best products are those like propiconazole and fludioxonil, which kill fungi quickly without giving them a chance to adapt.

Lush Lawn’s Lawn Treatment Services

Lush Lawn takes advantage of the most potent methods on the market for removing dollar spot. We invest in a range of fungicides that are highly effective but have little risk of resistance, allowing us to clear your yard of ​lawn fungus. We spray the lawn extensively, making sure that all the dollar spot is gone.

If additional recovery is required for your grass, we also offer services to reseed any areas where your lawn has been compromised. We also offer services to shore up nitrogen fertility, giving your plants the strength they need to resist any future fungus infections. Don’t leave your lawn vulnerable to dollar spots. For a free estimate on ​lawn care for fungus, contact Lush Lawn today!