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Gary Granual Lawn care services in Saginaw MI

We Provide lawn care services in Saginaw, Michigan and all surrounding areas:

Clio, Birch Run, Frankenmuth, Bay City, Midland and more.

Lush Lawn is proud to provide lawn care services to thousands of homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in ​Saginaw and its surrounding areas.

Lawn care service near me in Saginaw MI

Looking for a “lawn care service near me” or “lawn fertilizer service near me” in Saginaw, Michigan? Our lawn care service and pest control services allow our customers to enjoy the beauty of their lawns and landscape more. We provide seasonal and year-round landscape maintenance, tree service, lawn fertilization and preventative weed and disease control, as well as professional pest control services. All of which, give our customers greater peace-of-mind knowing their landscape maintenance is taken care of.

So if you are in need of lawn fertilizing services, lawn care services, lawn aeration, weed control services or organic lawn care services and are located in or around Saginaw, Michigan, contact Lush Lawn today!

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Lawn Fertilizing Service in Saginaw

Lawn Care Services for Saginaw, MI

Lawn Rodents

Lawn Rodents

Moles and voles can be very destructive to a lawn. We offer control bait station systems to eliminate these damaging creatures. Details

Lawn Care Diagnosis

Lawn Care Diagnosis

Have a lawn care issue? Watch videos which explain the the issue and how we can fix it. Details

Organic Lawn Care Service

Organic Lawn Care

For those with concerns about synthetic fertilizers, our Organic Lawn Care Program contains NO manures or man-made fertilizers. The treatments are OMRI certified with great results. Details

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

Aside from proper fertilizing, core aeration is the most beneficial cultural practice one can do for the lawn.Aeration pulls plugs of soil from the turf, allowing water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Details

Lawn Fertilization Service

Lawn Fertilization

Lush Lawn‘s Lawn Care Program uses all dry-granular fertilizers. Your lawn will always have the proper balance of nutrients feeding your root system. You can rest easy knowing that we’re keeping your lawn healthy. Details

Weed Control

Weed Control

You hate weeds… and so do we. Every application of fertilizer includes a blanket weed control to eliminate dandelions, clover… the list goes on. Lush Lawn chokes out weeds: the right way! Details

Soil Treatment

Soil Treatment

Having a proper soil structure and PH balance is important to growing healthy grass. Our soil treatment program will insure that your lawn has the right foundation for healthy growth! Details

Over Seeding

Over Seeding

With harsh summers in Michigan, over-seeding the lawn in the fall is a great way to introduce new cultivars to the soil and increase microbial action promoting new growth. Details

Lawn Diseases

Lawn Diseases

Lush Lawn is here to tackle even the toughest lawn diseases. Details

Lawn Insects

Lawn Insects

Lush Lawn is here to help get your lawn insects under control. Details

Lawn care questions

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“Two months into service and already much better than the two years before through another company. Communication is great and I am cristal clear on the processes and path forward! Thank you Lush Lawn.” Read More

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