Lush Lawn is excited to offer Liquid Aeration as a service choice, in addition to traditional core aeration. There are many benefits to using liquid aeration either in addition to core aeration or as a standalone service to improve your soil.

Why Aeration is Important

When you invest in our core aeration service, you can expect to:
  • Improving Drainage - If there is standing water in your yard after a normal rain, it likely needs aeration. This ponding means that your lawn has stopped absorbing water as efficiently as it should due to compacted soil. Aeration opens the soil and allows water to soak in deeply which helps your turf’s roots and prevents surface-level drainage problems.
  • Improves Overseeding Success - Aeration creates openings in the soil that let seeds have better soil contact which improves germination. Overseeding on hard, compacted soil will not deliver the same results as overseeding on aerated soil.
  • Combatting Disease and Brown Spots | Over time, aerating helps reduce this type of lawn damage. A well-drained lawn will prevent water from pooling at the surface and in turn, causing disease from the moisture. A deep, healthy root system is also your best defense against weeds, insects, and other conditions like brown spots.

  No matter which type you choose, aeration is vital to the success of any lawn and should be considered a priority when planning your lawn care calendar for the year.

Benefits of Liquid Aeration

As crucial as aeration is, liquid aeration brings significant advantages to you, whether it is used alone, or in conjunction with core aeration. We are excited to offer this product to you, and we think you’ll love the results it brings as much as we do.
  • Aerate Any Time - Because this is a liquid product that is sprayed on your lawn, we can apply the treatment at any time: unlike core aeration which is typically done in the fall. Liquid aeration enables our technician to apply this treatment in the spring if you want to change your aeration schedule and see the benefits of aeration for the entire season.
  • No Mess - Liquid aeration eliminates unsightly holes all around the lawn and the littering of plugs everywhere from core aeration. While core aeration greatly enhances the health and appearance of lawns, many people don’t like how their lawn appears immediately following a core aeration. This hesitation is often because the grass can look worse before it gets better!
  • No Damage – Core aeration puts holes in the ground, and even with marking the location of sprinkler heads and invisible fences, accidents happen. Since we aren’t pulling cores out of the lawn there is no chance of damage.
  • 100% Coverage - Unlike traditional aeration, liquid aeration achieves 100% coverage of your lawn. Total coverage is something that traditional aeration can simply not do, as there will always be space between the “plugs” of lawn. Total coverage means that every inch of your lawn is receiving the nutrients, sunlight, and water that it needs.
  • 100% Save Money - Liquid aeration can SAVE you money. Liquid aeration applied in spring can help to increase the water absorption and holding capacity of your soil reducing the need to irrigate, saving you money on your watering bill.


More Than Just Aeration

Liquid aeration does more than just open the soil structure. Our patented and proprietary blend of microbes, macronutrients, and probiotics goes to work immediately encouraging the development of humus and improving the quality of the soil. This helps unlock the nutrients that are bound up in the soil and make them available to your lawn.
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