Fall Lawn Care and Rejuvenation

Is your lawn looking a little stressed out from the heat and drought of the summer months? Or was the lawn neglected this year and you want to get a head start on next spring? With fall just around the corner, now is the time to think about preparing your grass for the winter months. If your yard could use some attention, our professional lawn repair team can repair it before winter sets in. You can have a beautiful landscape next season!

Lawn repair or lawn rejuvenation heals your landscape if it has been affected by pests or disease, instead, strengthening its foundational roots. Our repair experts quickly diagnose problem areas on your lawn, create a plan of action, and then implement that plan for you. Whether you have patches that need to be filled in by planting an extra layer of grass seed or treated for deficiencies, we are ready to help.

Lush Lawn is unique among lawn rejuvenation companies in that it has created a Fall Lawn Care and Rejuvenation program designed to build up your grass so it will come back stronger than ever next spring.


Lush Lawn takes lawn care seriously, which is why we have used our expertise to create a lawn rejuvenation and winterizer program what will protect and nourish your grass this fall and give it a head start for next spring.

The Lush Lawn Fall Rejuvenation package contains the following services:

    • Two applications of slow-release fertilizer – Lush Lawn’s fertilizer applications are specifically formulated to revive your grass by slowly introducing the proper nutrients into the soil. This means that when fertilized, your grass won’t suffer from burns caused by too much fertilizer or have an uneven amount distributed.
    • Two applications of weed control – Weeds in the fall are preparing to overwinter and come out in the spring. With two applications of weed control we kill the weeds that are actively growing, preventing them from coming back in the spring, and inhibit the nutrient uptake of other weeds making it less likely they will survive the winter and begin growing next year.
    • Aeration – Get more out of your grass with the lawn aeration service provided by Lush Lawn. Aeration reduces soil compaction and allows for vital nutrients and applications to reach grass roots. Aeration makes your lawn stronger and greener. While we recommend using an aerator, we don’t recommend removing mulch or thatch, instead, leave a thin layer over your lawn.
    • Overseeding – Replenish your turf by laying down more seeds. As part of lawn rejuvenation, overseeding is necessary to add new growth or to fill in thing patches. Overseeding also introduces new varieties of grass seed to your lawn that are more resistant to disease and drought, making for a better lawn.
      Potassium application (for healthy roots) – As part of our special Fall Rejuvenation Program, an application of potassium is applied to strengthen roots. Even while dormant, your lawn will be prepared for the next growing season thanks to healthy roots.
    • Winterizer application – This treatment prepares your lawn for the coming cold weather by supplying specific nutrients that sustain dormant grasses through winter. Get a head start on next spring with this application.


In Southeast Michigan, all lawns contain cool-season grasses, such as fescues, bluegrasses, ryegrasses, and bentgrasses.  Because of the cool-season grasses, it is vital to have a fall winterizer applied before the temperature drops.  Cool-season grasses grow differently than warm-season grasses as the majority of their nutrients are actually pulled in during the fall months to help balance out any stress they may have come under during the summer months, as well as prepare for the winter months.  This is why fall winterization and fertilizer are so important in our area. If your turf has a history of struggling to stay green or you are concerned with the health and appearance of your property, the Fall Rejuvenation program is exactly what would help. Our lawn care experts have created a comprehensive multi-step program that is specifically designed to improve the health of your soil and grass now while prepping it to rebound faster and stronger the following season. Knock out weeds even before they surface next season, aerate your turf for better distribution of fertilizer in your soil, and reinforce your grass with the important nutrients it needs to be green when the weather gets warm again.


Get ahead of next season by taking advantage of the Fall Rejuvenation package from the experts at Lush Lawn. We will provide everything your grass needs to be healthy and green, all you need is a quick phone call and a FREE estimate! Contact our team and get started today.

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