Nancy Dykema, a leading Michigan Turfgrass Pathologist, answers your questions about lawn disease 

Nancy Dykema has spent over 30 years studying the pathology of lawn disease in Michigan. An accomplished teacher, researcher and speaker at turfgrass conferences across the U.S., Nancy is excited to share her expertise with Michigan homeowners looking to maximize the enjoyment of their lawns and outdoor living spaces.                   

In this exclusive spring series for Lush Lawn, Nancy provides insight and guidance in the videos below on a host of lawn diseases, including melting out, leaf spot, red thread and dollar spot.

Additionally, if you have a lawn disease question for Nancy, please complete the attached form and add photos to your submission, including a close-up of affected grass blades, if possible. Nancy will make every effort to answer your question on this website. In fact, your question could become a featured video! 

Many thanks from Nancy Dykema and Lush Lawn for your participation.  

Ask Nancy About Spring Lawn Diseases

"Melting Out" Video (4:05)