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Our knowledgeable lawn care professionals can ensure your lawn is healthy and beautiful

Trust the Lush Lawn Weed Control solution to eliminating these unsightly, unwanted weeds from your lawn!

Let your lawn breathe with our core aeration services!

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We call Michigan home, and we know how to protect its lawns.

Lush Lawn is proud to serve thousands of homeowners, commercial and public properties.

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Grand Blanc, Rochester Hills, Brighton, Saginaw & Plymouth

We have locations across Southeast Michigan to make sure we are maintaining beautiful, healthy and lush lawns.

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When Does Grass Stop Growing?

Your lawn’s health depends on proper care and maintenance. Nourishment and weed control are a couple of key elements, but the timing of your care regimen is also vital. Understanding your grasses’ growth patterns is essential to ensuring a beautiful and high-quality yard. If you’ve ever asked “when does grass stop growing?”, this guide is…

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Bare Spots in Lawn After Winter

Winters can be harsh. The strong winds, chilling temperatures and snow accumulation may not be comfortable for you, but they are particularly damaging to your lawn. If you experience bare spots in the lawn after winter, find out how you can restore your lawn in time for spring. Don’t spend months fighting with dirty bare…

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Dethatch or Aerate Before Overseeding?

When most people think about maintaining a healthy lawn, they usually think about how much and how often they need to water. However, optimal seed to soil contact is just as crucial when obtaining ideal germination rates when you plan on overseeding. To accomplish this, there are two primary practices. A lawn care service such…

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