Summer Lawn Care Specials

Special Offer for New Customers!

Summer can be hard on your lawn. High temperatures and a lack of rain can wreak havoc on the cool season grasses we see in Michigan. If your lawn looks like it could use a little love, we are here to help.

At Lush Lawn, we’ve put together an incredibly effective summer lawn care program to help revive your lawn and get it ready for fall. Understanding that every lawn is unique we create a specialized local lawn care to cater to your lawns’ requirements. These services include:

  • 3 treatments of a slow-release granulated fertilizer to nourish your lawn back to health
  • Early fall weed control to take out broadleaf weeds that sprout when the weather turns cool
  • Fall aeration to break up compacted soil
  • Overseeding to repopulate bare spots
  • A lawn winterize treatment to prepare your lawn for winter, and get you off to a good start next spring

In addition to the lawn care services referenced above, we also offer specialized services such as mole control, mosquito, flea and tick control, and a comprehensive tree and shrub care program.

Revive your lawn for as little as $412!