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Do you have family members that are sensitive to chemicals?

Do you prefer a more natural approach to fertilization? Then we have the perfect organic lawn care program for you!

If you are looking for organic lawn care in Saginaw, MI, Lush Lawn has what you are looking for! We provide expert organic lawn care services and treatment to homeowners, businesses, and public properties in the Saginaw, MI area. Our lawn care technicians have carefully devised a detailed 7-step program to deliver our customers top notch organic lawn care. Not only does it feed your grass safely, it will keep it clear of weeds throughout the season.   

7 Step Organic Lawn Care Program for Saginaw, MI

Early Spring (Round 1)

The first step is vital to starting the season off right. Our specially formulated organic fertilizer a time-released variety, thanks to its granular form. By gently reintroducing nutrients into the soil, this first step begins stimulating your grass to get it growing after winter dormancy. Typically, we implement Round 1 in March or April when the weather begins to get warmer.

Late Spring (Round 2)

In May, it’s time for Round 2. As your grass enters the growing season, our nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer gives it a boost. We will also apply a liquid weed control that discourages any weeds that would try to take advantage of your lawn. In early development, our technicians will get your lawn in shape for a great season.

Early Summer (Round 3)

Once summer rolls around, your lawn will be prepared by our program to meet the heat. In June, Lush Lawn recommends reapplying a fertilizer treatment. Additionally, we will provide a weed control application that will hold back any weed invaders.

Mid-Summer (Round 4)

July is typically a busy time. While most people like being outdoors in the sun, not everyone wants to spend that time worrying about their yard. This is why Round 4 delivers another layer of organic fertilizer and weed control. It is important to be consistent with treatment, and July is no exception.

Late Summer (Round 5)

Similarly, August is recommended to apply the next layer of fertilizer. We will also apply another coat of our liquid weed control. Our technicians will be on the look-out for signs of trouble that your lawn may exhibit. This is the perfect time to show off your lawn, and we will make it look its best!

Fall (Round 6)

Next, in September we will get your lawn ready for colder weather. We will ensure your lawn is given the necessary ingredients for maintaining a healthy green. Any persistent weeds leftover from the summer will be taken care of as well. It is a good idea to start thinking about next spring as summer winds down.

Winterizer (Round 7)

Finally, October is our winterization stage. We exactly how to protect your lawn against cold winter weather and prepare it for next season. Our organic fertilizer treatment will bulk up your grass. Providing the right nutrients to the soil will give your lawn a head start in the next growing season. 

Following each carefully measured step ensures that your lawn is happy and healthy. Under Lush Lawn’s vigilant watch, you won’t have to worry about threats that your lawn may be at risk from. With lawn care, consistency is key, and as a result, our customers are consistently pleased. Since our organic lawn care program is designed to support your lawn through the season, you can expect results, especially if you have never used a lawn care service before. 

If you are looking for organic lawn care in Saginaw, MI, Lush Lawn is ready to answer your call! Our devotion to our customers speaks for itself, in fact, our customers are the reason we developed our 7-step organic lawn care program. Many people are looking for an alternative to conventional fertilizer. We took the initiative in providing a safe and effective program. We love it, and we think you will too!

Organic Fertilizer for Saginaw, MI

A little known fact, is that conventional fertilizer may be hazardous to the health of your property. This can be a concern to many people, especially those who have children or pets that might be out in the yard frequently. For this reason, Lush Lawn is proud to offer an OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) approved organic fertilizer. Instead of chemicals, our fertilizer is comprised of natural ingredients, such as bone meal, feathers, and soybeans. Ingredients like these offer a wealth of macronutrients needed by your grass without the toxic byproducts of synthetic fertilizer. We recommend using this option for a safe alternative. 

Another downside to synthetic fertilizer is that it has the potential to damage your lawn if applied improperly. The chemicals contained in the fertilizer could potentially burn your grass if over-fed. Fertilizer ingredients can be toxic and tend to linger in your lawn. This is where organic fertilizer shines, it is non-toxic, making it safe for your family and safe for your grass. We strongly recommend giving it a try!

The Importance of Organic Lawn Care Treatment in Saginaw, MI

Organic lawn care is important to us because it makes our customers’ lawns safer, cleaner, and more inviting. With organic lawn care, you won’t have to sacrifice the health of your grass either. For organic lawn care in Saginaw, MI, Lush Lawn’s program is designed to provide you with the best combination of timing application of organic fertilizer. This winning combination will leave your grass happy and healthy!

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