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Do you have family members that are sensitive to chemicals?

Do you prefer a more natural approach to fertilization? Then we have the perfect organic lawn care program for you!

Are you looking for organic lawn care services in Rochester Hills, MI? Look no further than Lush Lawn, proudly serving homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in Rochester Hills, MI and its surrounding areas. Our organic lawn care involves a comprehensive 7-step program that protects and nourishes your lawn Lush Lawn all season.

7 Step Organic Lawn Care Program for Rochester Hills, MI

Early Spring (Round 1)

At the beginning of the year, in March/April we apply an all-granular, time-release organic fertilizer fortified with a crabgrass pre-emergent treatment. This first step is intended to speed post-winter recovery and get your lawn ready for another growing season.

Late Spring (Round 2)

Once May rolls around, it is time for the second organic fertilizer treatment. This second application contains a granular, nitrogen-rich blend supplemented with a liquid weed control formula. As the weather begins to warm, your grass will begin its vigorous growing cycle. Of course, this means that weeds will begin popping up at a faster pace.This application is intended to stimulate your lawn as the weather ramps up to summer, while suppressing weeds. The Late Spring application provides the fuel your lawn needs in preparation for the fast-paced growing season.

Early Summer (Round 3)

Our organic lawn fertilizer treatment encourages a vivid green in your lawn by reintroducing vital nutrients into the soil. June is also a good time to apply liquid weed control to your lawn.

Mid-Summer (Round 4)

As summer progresses to July, your grass will be happy to be in the sun however, property owners should remain vigilant. An additional layer of organic fertilizer should be applied as well as our weed control treatment. Lush Lawn technicians will be on the lookout to spot warning signs so that your lawn is at optimal health.

Late Summer (Round 5)

At the height of summer, we recommend a fifth application in order for your lawn to remain green through August. Our lawn care experts will apply another organic fertilizer coat, as well as another application of liquid weed control.

Fall (Round 6)

As summer winds down, we highly recommend having your lawn treated and fertilized in order to prepare for the winter. Our technicians will clear any lingering weeds and feed your grass to keep it strong as the weather gets cooler. September couldn’t be more important for organic lawn care!

Winterizer (Round 7)

The final treatment of the season occurs in October. This application is intended to be a winterizer, getting your lawn ready for the coming winter. The macronutrients in this fertilizer blend will help your dormant grass have a successful growing season the following year.

Residents of Rochester Hills, MI appreciate beautiful, healthy lawns. Organic lawn care provided by Lush Lawn ensures that they can all season long. Whether you lack the time or are looking for an edge, Lush Lawn’s organic lawn care makes taking care of your lawn a breeze. Lush Lawn is careful to accommodate the needs of our customers. This is why we specially designed our 7-step organic lawn care program. When it comes to your lawn, your concerns are ours. Organic lawn care reduces the level of chemicals that your pets or children could be potentially exposed to. Our organic fertilizer is completely non-toxic so you can relax in the grass worry-free. For quality, environmentally safe lawn care, talk to Lush Lawn!

Organic Fertilizer for Rochester Hills, MI

Synthetic fertilizer is designed to promote vibrant grass, but most people don’t realize that it will often leave behind toxic materials in your grass. Because of its importance, organic fertilizer is the foundation of our invaluable feature of our organic lawn care service in Rochester Hills, MI. Our fertilizer is made of all-natural ingredients of certified by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute). These ingredients include bone meal, feathers and soybeans. These ingredients feed your lawn and keeps it free from contaminates. If you are looking for a pet-friendly, kid-friendly solution to feeding your grass, organic fertilizer is the answer. 

With average fertilizers, you run the risk of over-feeding your lawn. This can cause damage to your lawn in the form of burning. This is the last thing that property owners want. With organic fertilizer, you will never have to worry about this problem. Since the ingredients are all-natural, they won’t cause damage to your green grass. Organic fertilizer is a granular, slow-release formula. This careful design prevents force-feeding or other issues that could hurt rather than help your grass. Organic fertilizer goes easy on grass while feeding it the nutrients it needs. 

For this reason, Lush Lawn emphasizes its organic lawn care with the use of “green” fertilizers. For long-lasting, healthy, and safe lawns, we recommend using our organic treatment on your property. 

The Importance of Organic Lawn Care in Rochester Hills, MI

Organic Lawn Care is important to Lush Lawn. Why? Because Lush Lawn is dedicated to making your property the best that it can be in Rochester Hills, MI. We believe in making your lawn a safe place for family and pets. After all, what we put in our soil reflects in the health of our grass. This is why organic lawn care in Rochester Hills, MI is so important to us. If you share these sentiments, we are confident that our organic lawn care services will satisfy your needs. 

What we put in our yards affects the health of not only our lawns, trees, or shrubs, but our own health as well. This is why we offer an alternative to conventional lawn care services. Non-organic fertilizers contain ingredients that can compromise the health of your property. 

Lush Lawn gives special attention to each and every lawn. We encourage our customers to share their individual needs to us. After all, we are dedicated to providing the best lawn care service in Rochester Hills, MI. Lush Lawn is here for you!

Lush Lawn offers wants to be your solution for organic lawn care in Rochester Hills, MI! We are dedicated to taking care of your lawn exactly the way you want. If you are curious about our organic lawn care services, or about the other services we offer, contact us today and get a free quote!

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