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Do you have family members that are sensitive to chemicals?

Do you prefer a more natural approach to fertilization? Then we have the perfect organic lawn care program for you!

Looking for organic lawn care services in Grand Blanc, MI? Lush Lawn is proud to provide organic lawn care and treatment for homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in Grand Blanc, MI and its surrounding areas. Lush Lawn offers a 7-step organic lawn care program, so whether you are concerned about your children, pets, or the environment in general, you will receive the best possible lawn care solutions! 

7 Step Organic Lawn Care Program for Grand Blanc, MI

Early Spring (Round 1)

The first step occurs in March/April involving an all-granular time-release organic fertilizer with crabgrass re-emergent. Step 1 is intended to help your grass recover from winter and suppresses unwanted crabgrass growth.

Late Spring (Round 2)

In May, the second organic fertilizer treatment is applied. It contains a granular, nitrogen-rich formula as well as a liquid blanket weed control. This application is designed to ensure your lawn has the fuel it needs during the fast-paced growing season and eradicates any weeds that might be growing with it.

Early Summer (Round 3)

Next, in June we apply a deep-greening, organic fertilizer that re-introduces vital nutrients into the soil. Our technicians may also apply liquid weed control and assess any warning signs of lawn trouble.

Mid-Summer (Round 4)

July is the time to apply an additional layer of organic fertilizer as well as a weed control treatment during the warm summer months. Our technicians analyze your lawn for any trouble spots in order to keep your grass at optimal health.

Late Summer (Round 5)

At the peak of summer, it is important that your lawn continues to receive the care it needs by introducing another coat of organic fertilizer and liquid weed control. August is the best time to do this.

Fall (Round 6)

As summer comes to a close, we highly recommend having your lawn treated and fertilized in order to prepare for the winter. Our technicians will clear any lingering weeds and feed your grass to keep it strong as the weather gets cooler.

Winterizer (Round 7)

The last treatment for the season is applied in October. This winterizer treatment contains a hearty blend of macronutrients designed to ready for dormancy in winter. Think of it as a kickstart investment for the following spring.

Our organic lawn care services allow our customers in Grand Blanc, MI enjoy the beauty of their lawns and landscape more. Your home is your sanctuary, why should your lawn be any different?  Lush Lawn’s organic lawn care program has been designed to be sensitive to your lawn’s specific needs. Whether you are concerned for your children, pets, or the environment, our organic lawn care service is a fantastic alternative. When it comes to Lush Lawn’s organic lawn care, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals lingering in your grass. Our organic fertilizer contains zero artificial and toxic material which will give you greater peace-of-mind knowing your lawn, and your loved ones, are taken care of. Lush Lawn’s organic lawn care program contains several applications that are implemented throughout the growing season. Each application is intended to supplement your grass’ growth, perfectly adapted to the natural environment.

Organic Fertilizer for Grand Blanc, MI

While synthetic fertilizer will promote healthy, vibrant grass, organic fertilizer can do the same, without the potentially harmful side-effects. Organic fertilizer is an invaluable feature of our organic lawn care service in Grand Blanc, MI. Our fertilizer is composed of all-natural, 100% organic ingredients. Our organic fertilizer has been approved by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute). It contains materials such as bone meal, feathers and soybeans. Lush Lawn’s organic fertilizer offers the nutrients your lawn craves, all the while keeping your family safe. Everything in our organic fertilizer can be found in nature, so naturally, your grass will love it! Organic fertilizers are becoming widely accepted as an effective, kid-safe, pet-safe, alternative to chemical-based variants.

Conventional, non-organic fertilizer tends to be harsh on lawns. Applying too much of it can sometimes leave burned out grass in its wake, destroying your lawn instead of nurturing it. This isn’t the case with our organic fertilizer. Lush Lawn’s organic fertilizer treatment is specially formulated to be gentle on grass, all the while giving your lawn everything it needs. Because the it is in granular form, organic fertilizer slow-releases nutrients into the soil. This is designed to provide sustenance to your grass without force-feeding or burning it. Synthetic applications aren’t always nurturing. Our organic fertilizer strikes the perfect balance for health in your grass and in the soil.

In regards to organic lawn care services, organic fertilizer couldn’t be more important. In fact, it could be considered the foundation of maintaining a long-lasting healthy lawn, the organic way. Your lawn will be happy and you will be happy with the results! 

The Importance of Organic Lawn Care Treatment in Grand Blanc, MI

Why is organic lawn care important? At Lush Lawn, we believe in more than just a healthy lawn, we believe in creating a safe environment for healthy people. We believe in giving our customers the choice of pet-friendly lawn services too. You can rest assured knowing that  your furry friends will be safe out in the yard. After all, what we put in our soil reflects in the health of our grass. This is why organic lawn care in Grand Blanc, MI is so important to us. If you share these sentiments, we are confident that our organic lawn care services will satisfy your needs. 

Why do we offer an alternative to conventional lawn care services? The ingredients in conventional fertilizers and lawn treatments are not always the safest to have around your property. Synthetic applications can affect gardens, trees, shrubs, and of course grass and soil. If you enjoy spending time in your yard, or your children or pets do too, they could be exposed to synthetic ingredients. Organic lawn care is a safer, non-toxic alternative. 

Lush Lawn knows that no two lawns are the same, which is why we are quick to accommodate the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to providing the best service experience, meeting the needs of our customers, and leaving a healthy lawn in our wake. This is why Lush Lawn’s organic lawn care service is here for you.

If you are looking for organic lawn care in Grand Blanc, MI, Lush Lawn is the right choice. From 100% organic fertilizer, to accommodating organic weed control to your needs, caring for your lawn exactly the way you want is our number one priority. Look no further for an all-natural touch to lawn care. Whether you have more questions about organic lawn care or our other services, contact us today for a free estimate!

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