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Do you have family members that are sensitive to chemicals?

Do you prefer a more natural approach to fertilization? Then we have the perfect organic lawn care program for you!

For organic lawn care services in Brighton, MI, Lush Lawn has got your back! We proudly serve residential, business, and public properties in the Brighton, MI area and the surrounding areas. When it comes to grass our organic lawn care can’t be beat! Lush Lawn offers an in-depth 7-step organic lawn care program that benefits the health of your grass and protects it from uninvited guests. 

7 Step Organic Lawn Care Program for Brighton, MI

Early Spring (Round 1)

To start off the season with a bang, Lush Lawn implements a granular time-release organic fertilizer. This fertilizer wakes your grass up after a winter’s nap. We recommend this application in either March or April. For a speedy recovery and preparation for a strong start to the growing season, we strongly recommend this first application.

Late Spring (Round 2)

The next step is usually applied in May. Our organic fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, supplemented with a form of liquid weed control. As your grass becomes more receptive, it’s important for it to receive the nutrients it needs to begin filling out. Warm weather in Brighton, MI means lusher grass, and it also means more weeds. The combination of weed control and organic fertilizer protects your lawn.

Early Summer (Round 3)

June is a good time to re-apply a layer of our organic fertilizer. For best results, we also provide an application of liquid weed control to suppress the growth of weeds.

Mid-Summer (Round 4)

Summer is the best time to enjoy your lawn, in July we recommend an application to keep the momentum of the growing season going. Summer is also the best time for our technicians to monitor your lawn for any threats to the well-being of your lawn.

Late Summer (Round 5)

At its peak, summertime should have your lawn at its best. Lush This is why in August, Lush Lawn will apply the next application of fertilizer and weed control.

Fall (Round 6)

Leading up to winter, it is important to get your lawn ready for cold weather. September is typically when our technicians will clear any straggling weeds and fortify your lawn with important nutrients. Now is the time to think ahead!

Winterizer (Round 7)

Last, but not least, is Round 7. The final round of the season is incredibly important to the future health of your grass. In October, our lawn treatment puts the nutrients in the soil your grass will need next spring. 

By implementing this comprehensive program, our customers are satisfied year after year with the improvement of their property. The difference in grass health and appearance is noticeable! Our organic lawn care program is designed to support your lawn throughout the year, even winter. Supplying the proper nutrients at the right time and consistently applying our liquid weed control, your lawn was never better!

For lush green lawns in Brighton, MI, residents turn to Lush Lawn. Our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers led us to creating our 7-step organic lawn care program. Many people are concerned that conventional fertilizers could contaminate their lawns, and therefore their loved ones. We took it upon ourselves to provide quality organic lawn care. For a clean, non-toxic alternative to conventional fertilizer, give us a try!

Organic Fertilizer for Brighton, MI

Although common, synthetic fertilizer may contain ingredients that could be toxic to your pets and family. In fact, if over applied, it could be harmful to your grass as well. For these reasons, providing an organic fertilizer within our 7-step program is important to Lush Lawn. Certified by OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute), our organic fertilizer is guaranteed to keep the health of your grass and soil in its best interest. Our fertilizer has a base of natural ingredients, including bone meal, feathers and soybeans. These simple ingredients contain all the nutrients your grass needs. Better yet, they lack unwanted side-effects that may come from synthetic fertilizer. For a safe alternative to conventional fertilizer, Lush Lawn’s organic fertilizer is just what you are looking for. 

Unfortunately, conventional fertilizers can be harsh on lawns. If over-applied, the chemicals in the fertilizer can burn your grass. Organic fertilizer holds the advantage over other fertilizers. Because it contains all natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about burns, toxicity, or other issues. The formula we use is granular, which slowly releases nutrients into the soil. In this way, the treatment is gentle on your grass. This is why Lush Lawn recommends using organic fertilizer on your property. This is also why it the main feature in our organic lawn care program. 

The Importance of Organic Lawn Care in Brighton, MI

Organic lawn care is important because it provides a cleaner, safer environment for you to relax on your property. Additionally, organic lawn treatments stimulate long-lasting growth year in and year out. Lush Lawn provides organic lawn care in Brighton, MI for this very reason. We are confident that you will be just as happy with organic treatment as we are! As experts in all things lawn care, Lush Lawn knows that what you put into your yard is what you get. This is why we offer a 100% organic lawn treatment alongside our professional standard care. Lush Lawn is dedicated to making lawns in Brighton, MI healthy and green. We won’t compromise on this promise!

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