What is Xtender?

Xtender is a revolutionary lawn care program that gives you access to 15 different lawn care services in one convenient package. Lush Lawn continually strives to offer more ways of keeping Southeast Michigan green. This is why we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind program. When it comes to lawn care services, it always helps to apply holistic care because Southeast Michigan is home to a wide range of threats to your lawn. They range from fungal diseases to cold winter weather and spring and summer dry spells. Each of these threats weakens grass, making it difficult for your lawn to survive all of them together. But with our Xtender Lawn Care Program, you can prepare your yard for all these issues and more. With our help, you can keep any risk to your grass to a minimum while helping it bounce back from the few problems it does have.

What is the Xtender Lawn Care Service Program?

The Xtender Lawn Care Service Program is a lawn maintenance package that combines 15 key services for your grass. This revolutionary program is rooted in the understanding that problems with your yard never exist in isolation. The lack of nutrients, for example, makes your lawn a prime target for attacks from insects, grubs, and other pests. Likewise, poor soil aeration leaves your yard vulnerable to the spread of fungal diseases. Only by preventing or addressing all of these problems in tandem can you keep your lawn healthy for the long haul. The Xtender package offers just such a comprehensive solution. Through this radical program, we provide insect, weed, and disease control services to address problems your lawn already has, as well as fertilization, aeration, and soil and lawn treatment to prevent such problems from arising in the first place. As a result, not only will your lawn’s health rapidly improve, but you can count on it to stay healthy.

Our 15 Lawn Care Services

When you order the Xtender Lawn Care Service Program, you will have access to the following 15 services:
  • 7-Application Lawn Care Program- Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control keeps your lawn consistently lush and green.
  • Soil Testing- Our technicians implement comprehensive soil testing to ensure that your lawn is healthy, literally from the ground up. As part of our holistic approach, we treat every aspect of your lawn.
  • Spring Lawn Aeration- We remove plugs of soil so that diseases don’t spread so quickly and your plants have access to oxygen.
  • Potassium Lawn Application- Our specialized potassium lawn application prepares your lawn for winter by enriching it with vital potassium. Michigan soil is deficient in potassium which grass needs to grow healthy.
  • Disease Control & Prevention- Through nitrogen fertilization, aeration, and other services, we make your yard less vulnerable to fungal diseases. Using fungicides, we quickly eliminate any lawn diseases that have infected your lawn.
  • Grub Control Treatment- We use enhanced insecticides to kill grubs quickly and effectively while causing as little damage as possible to your health, that of your family, or that of your pets.
  • Water Maximizer Treatment- We apply water maximizer to protect your grass from the summer heat and help it use water more efficiently.
  • Fall Over-Seeding- Increase the strength and diversity of your lawn and its resistance to invasion from pests or disease.
  • Fall Lawn Aeration- We remove plugs of soil so that diseases don’t spread so quickly and your plants have access to oxygen.
  • FREE Curatives-  Additionally to the services provided, our technicians will apply insecticide, fungicide, and grub control treatments as the need arises for FREE. After the initial treatment, we will come back if the problem persists.

Lush Lawn’s Commitment to Our Environment

Lush Lawn cares about your lawn, but we also understand that each yard is a small piece of our environment as a whole. As a company, we are ever mindful of the impact each of us makes. Lush Lawn is committed to maintaining and sustaining the health and growth of lawns in Southeast Michigan. We are also advocates for new growth as part of our promise to keep Michigan green. Lush Lawn adheres to all state and federal environmental regulations. We will not overtreat, nor will we undertreat. You can receive the best lawn care service possible, and breathe easy knowing that we treat lawns responsibly. With the Xtender Lawn Service Program, your turf will have everything it needs to grow lush and beautiful. Contact Lush Lawn today for a free estimate on the full cost and benefits of this and other lawn care options.
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