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Are you noticing brown patches on your lawn, or that your grass is not quite as green as it should be?

When most people think of keeping their lawns healthy, they imagine protecting the grass from weeds, bugs and dry spells, but effective lawn care goes much further. Lawns are every bit as vulnerable to disease as to plant and bug attacks. If you can’t keep fungi and other infections under control, your yard won’t stay green for long. Lush Lawn empowers homeowners throughout Michigan to take charge of their grass and protect it from every variety of threat. By learning what the most common diseases are and how to recognize them, you can keep your turf free from harm for the long haul.

These could be signs that you may be experiencing some type of lawn disease and it is important that you have a SE Michigan lawn care service provider come out and evaluate the lawn to determine what is happening as well as providing a treatment plan on how to eliminate the problem and restore your lawn’s health.

Does My Lawn Have a Disease?

The first step in effective lawn disease control is to identify the signs of infection. The earlier you notice these signs, the stronger your chance of dealing with disease before it gets out of hand, so pay attention to:

  • Brown Spots- Disease can cause large portions of your lawn to become brown or otherwise discolored. While lack of water can also cause this, if watering the grass doesn’t cause it to become green again, the problem is likely due to disease.
  • Lesions- Certain diseases leave white, beige, or red marks on the blades and stems of the grass, which become more numerous as the infection gets more severe. If you notice these marks, it is a sign that your lawn has become severely infected and that you must act quickly to save it.
  • Mushrooms- Some fungal infections can cause a ring of mushrooms to form in your lawn and surround large patches of grass. Not only is this a sign that the lawn in general is not healthy, but the grass inside the ring is especially vulnerable, and is likely to become weak and discolored if you do not deal with the infection quickly.
  • Noticing the signs of disease is only the first step toward keeping your lawn healthy. Once you are aware of the problem, you must look to identify types of lawn diseases.

Types of Lawn Diseases

The most common lawn disease types include:

  • Snow Mold- Occurring during colder seasons, this fungus attacks after snow or extensive rains
  • Fairy Ring- Another fungal infection, this disease is most likely to produce a ring of mushrooms
  • Dollar Spots – This type of fungus leaves lesions on grass blades while causing silver dollar-shaped spots of discoloration throughout your lawn
  • Rust- This lawn disease causes your grass blades to change color, first becoming yellow and later becoming dark red
  • Brown Patches- This fungus will cause large patches of your yard to turn brown. Thriving in hot temperatures, it can kill your lawn quickly, meaning you must rapidly counter it by using fungicides
  • Leaf Spots- This disease rots the grass at its roots, causing the blades to become darker
  • Having identified the specific disease, your next step is to call a lawn care expert and tell them everything you know about the infection. The more information you give them, the quicker they can solve the problem.​

Lush Lawn Disease Control

Lush Lawn takes a comprehensive approach to disease control. Not only do we use fungicides and other methods to kill current diseases but we reinforce your lawn against future diseases by watering it, fertilizing it, and clearing thatch and debris. By improving lawn health at every turn, we not only make your grass less likely to get sick in the first place, but also more likely to survive if an infection does occur.

Don’t leave your lawn vulnerable to illness. Contact Lush Lawn for a free estimate!

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