You Broke My Sprinkler Head

While not common, sometimes sprinkler heads are damaged by lawn equipment. Irrigation systems require regular maintenance just like most other systems on your property. The 2 common causes of irrigation damage are when the ground shifts and moves the heads into a more hazardous position than when they were originally installed, and when the spring-loaded sprinkler head has worn out and does not retract back into the ground. If the sprinkler head is stuck in an elevated position because of these causes, it is possible for our technician to hit it. 

Also, when aerating a lawn, the process creates small holes 2”-3” deep in your lawn. We ask that you mark your sprinkler heads with a flag before we aerate the lawn so we can avoid those areas. 

If a sprinkler head is damaged by our equipment please let us know immediately, so we can make a timely professional repair at our expense.