Why Do Your Fertilizer Spreaders Move So Fast?

We use high-end commercial grade lawn motorized spreaders/sprayers.  This equipment is the best you can buy and cover a much larger area than a standard pull-behind or push spreader typically found at a big-box store, or hose-type sprayers used by some of our competitors. This equipment is self-propelled and made to move at a much faster pace than a standard walk behind product. The key is to ensure that the equipment is calibrated regularly and matched to the speed at which the machine moves.  This is not a common practice, but we check our machines on a weekly schedule to ensure quality applications. 

Our technicians are trained and tested to make sure that they are applying fertilizer and weed killer at the proper rate for the speed they are traveling.   Because of the equipment we use, and our training program, it is normal for us to treat an average subdivision sized lot in about 10 minutes.