Why did my lawn turn yellow after the application?

Sometimes after an application in the summer months, the yard will get a little “tip-burn”. The salts in the fertilizer may slightly burn the grass or it could be a little burn from the herbicide. Either way this condition is temporary. Please follow the watering instructions left behind by your service technician to aid in the recovery for a lush-green lawn. 


Also, many times in the hot summer months, lawns will have diseases that show up only after you walk or drive on the lawn. Footprints and tire tracks are not necessarily the result of “fertilizer burn” or excessive weed control, it is the disease “melting out”.  Most times the lawn will recover on its own with fertilizer and water. Depending upon the severity of the disease a disease control treatment may be necessary to prevent further damage.


In the fall and winter, areas may turn yellow to yellow-brown after an application. This is normal for this time of year. The yard is going dormant and may not turn green again after this application until spring.