What results can I expect to see?

With the first application, as the weather warms up, you will see your grass start to “green up” faster than your neighbors, weeds shouldn’t be an issue early in the season as they haven’t started to germinate yet. After your second application, you will notice that any weeds you have will begin to curl and die within a 5-7 days after the visit. After several watering’s, the nutrients that we apply will start to be absorbed by your lawn, keeping it green. 


If we are treating for a lawn disease or treating to improve soil conditions that were identified as part of a soil test, this can require multiple applications and/or continuing treatment to achieve and maintain desired results.


Lawn treatments are a cumulative process, which means that with each treatment, you are working nutrients into the soil and eradicating generational weed infestations. If your lawn has not been fertilized in a while, it will require some time and possibly some seeding, to fill in the thinning areas which have been taken over by weeds. The service technicians from Lush Lawn will keep an eye on how your lawn is progressing throughout the season to ensure you get the results you are looking for.