What is Perimeter Pest Insect Control?

This service helps keep bugs out of your home by defending their most common place of entrance: your home’s foundation. Foundations are notorious for having tiny cracks that bugs can slip into, but more often overlooked is the sill-plate. The sill-plate is the area where the home sits upon the concrete foundation. This wooden plate can warp over time, creating small crevices where bugs can waltz straight into your home. This warping is a common occurrence and we highly recommend that you have a licensed builder inspect your sill-plate and provide proper sealing if there are leaks. Meanwhile, our Perimeter Pest Control will help keep bugs away from your foundation and out of your home! This program is applied 5 times per season for maximum effectiveness. We treat around the foundation of your home and include window and door frames, and door sills where small openings provide easy access for insects.


Perimeter Pest Insect Control is a preventative application that targets all common insects that may try to find their way into your home from ground level. It does not target flying insects that may try to enter your home from elevated areas. Perimeter pest applications are performed between May and September when insects are most active.