What is Lawn Pest/Insect Control?

Lush Lawn uses a granular surface insecticide as a preventive and corrective treatment for surface-feeding insects. This group of bugs exists at or above the soil line, where they feed on grass blades. Insect damage can strain your lawn and decrease its resilience to systemic diseases. This makes controlling these insects necessary to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Surface feeding insects increase in population and activity as temperatures grow warmer. This is a one-time application, typically performed in May-June, which targets insects during early activity. Protect your lawn by adding this treatment today.


Common surface feeding insects include billbugs, chinch bugs, cut worms, web worms and the list goes on. This treatment is a broad-spectrum product that will target nearly all insect activity at the soil level, without harming productive insects such as bees, butterflies, etc.