How many times a year do you treat the lawn?

Our most popular and effective program consists of 7 treatments per year. We find that this frequency is very effective at controlling weeds that grow at every stage of spring and summer and provides the proper amount of fertilizer to help you grow a lush, green lawn. With less than 7 applications, you may see weeds coming back between treatments.


Perhaps your lawn is lush and weed-free now? That is fantastic news, but that’s not by chance: either the sod farm (if your lawn is new), or the previous homeowner (if you just moved in), or you (good work!) has put in great effort to achieve that. If that same effort is not continued, your lawn will slowly degrade as it consumes soil nutrients faster than they are replenished, and weed seeds slowly infest as they are not routinely controlled.


The good news is that Lush Lawn has a weed-free guarantee with  your 7-application program, so you can rest easy knowing that your lawn is getting what it needs to stay healthy, vibrant and the best on the block!