How does a specialty application work?

Some lawns have aggressive weeds which our fertilizer and weed control program may not sufficiently treat. This is especially common when a lawn has gone a long time without any weed treatments. In such cases a specialty application may be required. A specialty application is a product which will specifically target the problematic weed. Applications of this nature are most effective when they are applied routinely to have a cumulative effect: like a “1-2 punch.”


A specialty application will start to work right away and you should notice leaf curl within 7 days. However, without proper follow-up treatments, the stored energy in the weed’s root system is likely to bounce back. For this reason, we perform on-going treatments with your routine fertilizer program until the weed is completely eradicated or a desired level of control has been reached. Specialty weed control is included as part of the full 7-application Lawn Care or Extender Programs.