Does my lawn really need dethatching?

For many years dethaching lawns was a popular service offered by lawn care companies. In the last few years new evidence has shown that dethaching lawns can be detrimental to their health, and because of that Lush Lawn does not offer this service. Thatch is a completely normal occurrence. In fact, all healthy lawns have thatch. A problem only exists if the thatch layer gets so thick that water and air have trouble getting to the root system. The thatch layer can thicken when there is an inadequate mowing frequency, over-watering, and over-fertilization.


Instead, aeration has proven to be the most beneficial lawn service outside of regular care (mowing, fertilizing, watering). The process of aeration punches holes in the lawn’s thatch layer and soil substrate, allowing for water and nutrients to sink right down to the root system. Because aeration targets both the thatch layer and soil compaction, it is recommended to perform at least once per year in the spring or fall. For more information on aeration, click here to see our FAQ on aeration.