Do you use liquid or granular products?

We use both liquid and granular depending upon the application. All our fertilizer is granular, which is more effective than liquid because we can apply a mix of fast and slow release fertilizers. Having a mix of both means that your lawn is fed continuously. Granular fertilizers are also easier to spread throughout the lawn so it is less likely that we will miss an area.


A lot of companies use liquid fertilizer that require you to receive more applications. The reason is fast acting liquid fertilizers do not contain the same slow-release abilities as coated granular fertilizers and need to be applied more often. Additionally, liquid fertilizers have a greater tendency to burn lawns if applied at too high of a rate.


Our weed control treatments are liquid, which is the most effective way to kill weeds that are present in your lawn at the time of application. The liquid is absorbed directly into the plant leaves causing them to die much more quickly than a granular application.