Do you guarantee your services?

Yes. We guarantee all our weed control, fertilization, and pest control services. We will come back to re-spray any actively growing weeds if it is requested between 14-21 days from the previous application. Most weeds will begin to turn brown and die within 10 days of a weed control application. 


Our fertilization services are guaranteed to help grow a lush, green lawn. However, we do not recommend additional fertilizer applications in between your scheduled visits. Too much fertilizer can be a bad thing, promoting excessive top growth at the expense of strong root growth. Also putting down excessive fertilizer without proper watering can cause your lawn to burn.


We also guarantee our pest control programs. If you encounter any pest problem between our regularly scheduled treatments, we will come back to re-treat for those problems at no additional cost to you. At Lush Lawn and Safari Tree, we do everything we can to ensure that you are highly satisfied with our services.

Guarantees apply only as part of a full season-long program. Some individual applications/treatments have separate guarantees, please contact use for more details.