Can you help me understand why I need 7 applications?

To help you understand why we recommend 7 applications, some technical understanding is essential. Cool-season turf grasses such as those found in Michigan need between 5-7 pounds of total Nitrogen (per 1,000 sq ft) each season to perform at their best. Since the maximum application rate is 1 pound per application, that equates to 5-7 applications per season. Any less than 3 pounds of nitrogen per season, and our cool-season turf grasses will show color inconsistency and decline in density, allowing weeds to pop-up more readily.  We adjust our fertilization rates based upon your specific lawn. Lawns that have built-in sprinklers and are watered regularly will grow faster and require more nitrogen than a lawn that is not watered regularly. Knowing how you manage your lawn helps us in keeping it as beautiful as possible.


Getting the proper nutrients in your lawn is key, but equally important are keeping out the pests like invasive weeds and turf-feeding insects.


Weeds can grow faster than grass and consume the same Nitrogen that we apply to your lawn. Because weeds are routinely germinating and spreading their seed by wind, birds, etc., your weed-control should be just as routine as your fertilizer. Lawns with fewer applications will inherently have more weeds than lawns that get more applications.