Mosquito and Tick Populations on the Rise

Ticks and Mosquitoes on the Rise in Michigan!

The Detroit Free Press recently reported that according to experts at the University of Michigan State, Tick and Mosquito populations are on the rise in 2015! Last year was a boom year for mosquito populations in Michigan and this year they are expected to continue their increase. People who live in areas with large mosquito populations won’t be surprised by what this is like due to their experiences with how bad the mosquitoes were last year. So far this year there have been no reported cases of the West Nile virus sometimes carried by mosquitoes in the state of Michigan, but be sure to be aware of the signs. Seeing dead or unusually sick animals in your area can be a sign of the virus. It’s best to report these sightings to the DNR through their reporting website.

Tick populations are often found in more rural areas, they are attracted to the scent of host animals that they can latch onto for feeding. It’s best to take precautions in fields and when walking in wild terrain (forests, etc…). Wearing long sleeved shirts and pants can greatly reduce the possibility of a tick latching on to your skin from their hiding spots on tall grasses and bushes. Ticks can carry Lyme disease and other harmful diseases.

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– Collin

You can view the original Free Press article here.