New Water Maximizer


With watering costs in Michigan continuing to steadily increase year after year, being able to maintain a well hydrated lawn has become more difficult than ever. We have many customers with sprinkler systems who have simply decided to turn off their systems over the shock they receive when they get their water bill. Our customers who don’t have sprinkler systems have often resorted to allowing their lawn to go dormant and turn brown during the warm times of the year because of the cost and time it takes to water their lawn by hand or by moving a sprinkler around. Dormant lawns experience a series of problems all their own with insects, certain types of invasive summer time weeds, and crunchy grass isn’t any fun to run around on!

It’s a problem right?

We’ve continuously searched for solutions to this problem. We’ve asked ourselves, “how can we help our customers maintain a moist green lawn throughout the warm times of the year when they want to enjoy it the most?”. If your lawn has nutrients and is weed free that’s a great place to start, but without water and steady moisture it will still turn brown and dull under the summers harsh heat. We initially answered this question by providing a 3 step Water Maximizer program that could assist in retaining water in the hot season and it worked well. But with scientific advances we’ve uncovered a brand new solution that doesn’t just work well… it works amazingly!

This new solution has allowed us to turn our Water Maximizer program into a one step application that will last 90 days, getting you through the entire warm season! This product literally draws moisture from dew and out of the humid air into your grass plants root system, while at the same time preventing moisture from leaving your turf grass. It literally can reduce water need by 50% throughout the summer season! You can cut your water bill in half. After the cost of this service and the savings on your summer watering, you will literally be putting money in your pocket. If you water your lawn by hand, or don’t water your lawn, this will make the dream of avoiding brown dormant grass in the summer a reality. With minimal watering throughout the summer season your lawn will stay far more green and vibrant, in a summer that provides Michigan with some rain and more moderate temperatures your grass may be able to avoid dormancy altogether. A nice benefit to keeping your lawn moist in the summer is that many of the most harmful summer lawn insects actually prefer dry dormant lawns. Ever see the grass start to turn green again after a hot summer only to start seeing brown patches that never recover? 99% of the time, that’s due to summer insects feeding on your dry lawn. There are many benefits to keeping the lawn from becoming dormant.

We are so excited to announce this new Water Maximizer application. We know this service will solve a problem that many people in our communities are facing. Avoid the water costs, reduce excessive lawn watering, save time, and most importantly prevent dormancy so you can enjoy a beautiful green lush lawn all season long! After all, Nobody enjoys crunchy brown grass.

If you have any questions about this service, feel free to contact your friendly lawn consultant at 866.668.5296. Don’t hesitate, schedule your Water Maximizer today and we can have it applied just in time for the summer heat.