7 Expert Tips to Protect Your Lawn This Winter

Late summer is the time that you should be thinking ahead for lawn care. Taking the necessary action now to prepare your lawn for the winter season. The Farmer’s Almanac says we’re going to be hit with another cold winter. Is your lawn prepared for the harsh Michigan cold season? If you’re like most people in Southeast Michigan, you’re probably not sure. Follow some basic tips from Lush Lawn’s expert lawn care services to keep your lawn healthy and strong:

Aerate – By having a professional lawn aeration service such as Lush Lawn remove soil plugs from your turf by aeration, you can improve several aspects of your turf. A compacted soil restricts air flow, moisture penetration, and the root systems ability to grow and expand.

Add Lots of Seed – Along with aeration, adding more seed is the best way to thicken your lawn or keep it robust. The type of seed matters, as well. Avoid seeding with more than 5% inert ingredients (weed seeds).

Potassium – Along with nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium is one of the three essential nutrients for a green, healthy lawn. Potassium is imperative in the fall because it helps your lawn better resist harsh weather. Look for a fertilizer that has these key ingredients.

DON’T Dethatch – Lawns actually require a layer of thatch to help keep in moisture and continually provides nutrients as the thatch layer decomposes. Unless your thatch layer is more than a quarter inch thick, resist the temptation to power rake.

Remove Those Leaves – Sure, they’re fun to jump in, but they block sunlight and trap water…creating a soggy dead mess. Rake as much as possible – your grass will thank you!

Keep Cutting That Grass – 2 ½ – 3 inches in height is ideal for this time of year. Too long and it can mat and invite fungus. Too short and it could harm root growth.

Water! – Many people stop watering as the weather gets cooler. While there’s definitely more precipitation in the fall, it may not be enough to keep the grass hydrated. In the fall, your lawn will need about an inch of water per week (a rain gauge can help with this).

About Lush Lawn

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