My lawn is too dry for you to treat.

Lush Lawn uses a granular fertilizer that breaks down over time. This is better for your lawns in the summer months when it is not raining as much. The fertilizer is absorbed as it is watered into the lawn getting down into the root zone better. In the warmer months we only spot treat for problem weeds, this is more effective and prevents us from burning the lawn.

What if it rains after an application?

Rain following a pre-emergent, fertilizer or soil treatment is good because it dissolves the product allowing it to be absorbed into the soil. When applying weed control products, a light rain or mist does not hamper the effectiveness of the product. However, if there is a heavy, steady, rain within 2 hours of the application, this may affect the results. If this is the case, give the application time to work (7-10 days)  and if at this time the weeds do not begin to shrivel up and die, please call us and we’ll gladly re-treat the weeds at no additional cost to you.

The technician did not treat my back yard.

We always start in the back yard, so if you are home you may not have seen them until they got around to another area.  If you are checking your home security cameras, many motion-sensitive cameras do not catch the motion farther away from the camera, or only record a snapshot and will not record their visit. If you think we were not there, check your invoice to see what we did that day. If we applied a granular fertilizer you should be able to look into the grass and see the product on the ground.

The tech did not spray heavy during my mosquito application

Our technicians us a backpack blower that creates a mist to treat for mosquitoes. It does not create a heavy “fog” that you can see clearly while they are treating your property. This mist attracts better to the foliage where mosquitos hide during the day and helps create a long-term barrier preventing them from laying eggs.

Pets/Yard Debris

We appreciate your letting us know if you have any pets that are kept outside so that your technician will be aware of them. Please leave your pet inside on your scheduled service days. Our lawn treatments are safe after they have dried (2-4 hours after an application). Please pick up all pet droppings, toys, large bones, large rocks, etc. the day before we treat your lawn. We do our best to avoid these items, but we do not want to spray weed killer on something your dog plays with, or your children’s toys.

Yard Access

Your gate must remain unlocked for the full day of your regularly scheduled service. If you prefer not to unlock your gate, we recommend that you use combo locks and that you provide us with the password or combination. Sorry, we are unable to send our technician back or issue any credit for not treating inside a locked, fenced area.

Service Issues

We strive for your complete satisfaction with every service we provide. While we are unable to give refunds or credits, we will send your technician back to correct any reasonable service issues, without any additional charges, if you contact us within 24 hours of the service (or 10 days for weed killer applications). Otherwise, we will consider the work satisfactory. If you contact us after 24 hours, we will talk to our technician about your complaint in order that it will be corrected on your next service.

Service Cancellation

No same-day cancellations are accepted. There is no obligation by either party to continue service and you may cancel service at any time. We hope that you stay with us for the entire season, and we promise to make every effort to earn your business loyalty.

If I Have A Service Concern How Do I Communicate It to You?

There are several ways for you to communicate all concerns or questions.

If you are at home when your technician is servicing your property, please feel free to stop them and let them know your concerns. If the issue is about the lawn service, they may be able to resolve it on the spot.

If your question is about your account, adding services, or billing issues it is better to check out our FAQ section on our website. If you cannot find an answer there, then you have several options:

You can start an online chat with a customer service representative. Someone is monitoring the chat box every day during normal business hours (8am – 6pm, Monday thru Friday). If you start a chat outside of normal business hours, we will respond first thing the next business day.

You may email our office directly at

You may call our office at 866-668-5296 during normal business hours (8am – 6pm, Monday thru Friday). 

Why Do Your Fertilizer Spreaders Move So Fast?

We use high-end commercial grade lawn motorized spreaders/sprayers.  This equipment is the best you can buy and cover a much larger area than a standard pull-behind or push spreader typically found at a big-box store, or hose-type sprayers used by some of our competitors. This equipment is self-propelled and made to move at a much faster pace than a standard walk behind product. The key is to ensure that the equipment is calibrated regularly and matched to the speed at which the machine moves.  This is not a common practice, but we check our machines on a weekly schedule to ensure quality applications. 

Our technicians are trained and tested to make sure that they are applying fertilizer and weed killer at the proper rate for the speed they are traveling.   Because of the equipment we use, and our training program, it is normal for us to treat an average subdivision sized lot in about 10 minutes.