You have already done applications this month

We want to make sure our treatments are as effective as possible, so we space the applications out to be the most effective and schedule them accordingly. So, you may receive multiple services due to the timing requirements of the products. Certain products such as Grub preventer, water max, lawn disease preventer all must go down at the correct time of year, which might not be the same time as your fertilizer treatment.

When will you be here?

If you are a new customer, we schedule your first application within 10 business days of signing up for service. After that, your visit schedule will depend upon the treatment plan you’ve selected, but typically every 3-4 weeks.

Schedule Changes and Skips

If for any reason, you need to re-schedule, cancel or skip a service, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance by phone, or e-mail us at We will make every effort to make the change if you contact us within 24 hours, but with no guarantees. After a skip, your service will be picked back as soon as possible. Our treatments work best when they are applied on a regular schedule. Going too long between appointments will limit the effectiveness of the fertilizer and weed killer.

Rain Delays and Holidays

Although summer is the time of year we work, it is important to us that our employees have time to be with their families. We do observe Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day and will not be treating your lawn on those days. 

Because we follow a strict schedule, we do not have the luxury of “taking off” when it lightly rains. The products we use can be applied in light rain or after the rains subsides. Typically, if it rains heavily throughout the day, we will be there the next day, weather permitting. We do not skip unless requested, if we do skip or miss a service day, we will contact you to inform you why we were unable to make it out for your scheduled service day.

Service Days

We work Monday through Friday. We don not treat residential lawns before 7am, and we try to schedule our staff, so they are all back in the office by 5pm.  If necessary, we will use Saturdays and early evenings to help make up for any weather delays.  Several factors can affect our schedule, so we cannot guarantee an exact time or specific time range on your service day.

Can I Choose My Service Day?

To provide the best service, we group customers together to minimize the amount of driving our technicians do in a single day. Grouping together helps us minimize our costs and keep the price of your services competitive. We do make every attempt to accommodate your schedule for mowing services and other needs, but we cannot guarantee we can do this.

What If My Lawn Did Not Get Treated on My Scheduled Day?

Other than a rain delay or a very rare circumstance we should never miss a scheduled service. In the case of a delay we will always be out as soon as possible. If you are looking at your lawn and do not believe someone has been out, please call us within 48 hours of your scheduled visit so we may investigate the issue and get it resolved immediately.

Do I have to be home during the application?

No. Most of our lawns are serviced during normal working hours. Your technician will complete his work and leave an invoice at your door. All we ask is that the property be open for us to access the areas that need to be treated.