Are your products safer than your competitors?

All our products are EPA certified for use on your lawn. The products that we use are available for use by any licensed competitors. Some of our competitors use terms like Natural or Organic in their business names, which can be misleading.  There is no natural or organic weed control that has been proven effective.


The difference in their product offerings are composition ratios, level of quality, their application method and safety practices. One way that we certainly are different from our competitors is that as a safety measure and courtesy to your family, who may be enjoying time outside, we do not apply on windy days, weekends, or evenings.

What sort of risks are associated with using these products?

Our products are EPA certified for safe use on your lawn. The EPA regulates the use of fertilizer and pesticides and has established that they must be applied in accordance with the label instructions. Used by our licensed applicators, in strict compliance with labeled instructions, our products do not represent any significant risk to your family or pets. 


After we perform an application on your lawn, we will place a small sign to inform you that an application has occurred and to ask you to stay off the lawn until it dries (usually 2-4 hours depending on humidity). 


We understand that most people want to use their lawns on the weekend, and we will never treat your lawn on weekends unless absolutely necessary, and we provide advance notice to you that this will be taking place.

What type of weed control products will you apply to my lawn?

The weed control products that we offer are certified with the EPA for use on your lawn. These weed control products are selective to the certain weeds that your lawn is infested with and will not harm your turfgrass. We will not treat pests (weeds) that are not present on your lawn. Lush Lawn custom mixes our weed control products to ensure quality and accuracy. Our products are commercial products that are not available to homeowners.

What is a pesticide?

A pesticide is a product that targets and controls a pest, such as: weeds, insects, or fungi. These types of pesticides are respectively defined as herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide. These are just a few examples of pesticides. Pesticides are classified by the EPA as either general-use (consumer grade that can be purchased over the counter) or restricted use (available only to licensed professionals).

What brand of fertilizer products will you apply to my lawn?

Lush Lawn offers commercial-grade premium fertilizer products made by Lesco, who has made a name for themselves in the industry for their quality, performance, and reliability. The products we use are a professional grade not available in retail stores.  Lesco offers a broad range of compositions in their products, which allows us the flexibility to select the right product for your lawn and the seasonal growing conditions. We are confident that their products will contribute to the health of your lawn while maintaining a safe environment for your family and pets.


Our weed control treatments are mixed by Lush Lawn to the correct formulation in a proprietary-designed bulk chemical mixing system at each branch. This ensures that the products are mixed exactly as needed, with no variation. This helps us to control weeds more effectively, using less chemicals on your lawn. 

Are the applications safe for my family and pets?

All the products that we use are mixed and applied according to the requirements of the manufacturer, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the State of Michigan. In their diluted form they are considered by the EPA to be “practically non-toxic.” There are no credible studies linking the lawn care products we us – when mixed and applied correctly – to any adverse health effects.