Dangerous Mosquito-Borne Virus Reported in Saginaw, MI

Do you think mosquitoes are just a nuisance? While there’s no denying that they are irritating, the fact is that they are also a serious health risk. In Michigan, particularly in Wayne County and Saginaw County, homeowners need to be aware that even just one bite from a mosquito can cause serious, potentially deadly, illness. If you are considering mosquito control, here is a closer look at why it is so important to your health.

What You Need to Know About Mosquito Disease

mosquito-control-michigan-safari-treeEarlier in September, an Allegan County resident was diagnosed with Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a rare neurological disease that causes fever, headache, chills, nausea, and potential inflammation of the brain. This serious disease is carried by mosquitoes and is considered one of the most deadly mosquito-borne diseases in the United States. Around 33 percent of the people who contract EEE will die and survivors often suffer from lasting brain damage, according to Channel 5 WNEM’s news report.

While EEE is rare, it points to the serious nature of mosquito-borne illnesses. Not only do Michigan residents need to concern themselves with EEE, but mosquitoes also carry diseases like West Nile Virus, Dengue Virus, and other serious diseases. When mosquitoes in the area test positive for these dangerous illnesses, homeowners need to be vigilant to protect their families.

How to Protect Your Property from Mosquitoes

Protecting your family from mosquitoes does not mean you need to lock everyone inside for the duration of mosquito season. Instead, you need to be proactive to stop the spread of mosquito-borne viruses from your MI home.

  • First, make sure you do not give mosquitoes a good place to breed in your yard. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, and the larva uses water to develop. If you have any areas in your yard that have standing water, clean them up right away. This includes your bird bath and any buckets you may store outdoors that could collect rainwater.
  • Next, use insect repellent any time you spend time outdoors, so you are at less risk for a bite. While this does not control the mosquitoes in your yard, it will reduce the risk of a serious event from a mosquito-borne illness in your family.
  • Also, keep your eye on mosquito activity in your yard. If you notice certain times of day when mosquitoes are more active, consider staying indoors during those hours. The less exposure you have to mosquitoes, the better your chances of staying healthy during mosquito season.
  • Finally, consider investing in professional mosquito control. With proven pest control measures, Safari Tree can help you prevent the risk of mosquito-borne disease for your family, helping you do your part to control mosquitoes in your area.

Safari Tree Mosquito Control Services – Organic and Traditional

Safari Tree offers both conventional and organic mosquito control measures that prevent mosquitoes from terrorizing your family. Our mosquito control services are guaranteed for 21 days, so you can enjoy weeks of mosquito-free fun in your yard. Choose from traditional pesticides or our organic, pesticide-free options, and enjoy a mosquito-free season for the rest of the year.

Mosquito season in Michigan is far from over, and with dangerous diseases being reported, you need to take measures to stop these pests. Contact Safari Tree today to get a quote for professional mosquito control for your Michigan home.

Summer Lawn Care Checklist – Tips to Keep Your Yard Beautiful This Season

When it comes to maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn in Michigan, summer care is critical. Our state’s warm summers offer an opportunity for your grass to grow green and strong, but they also raise a number of risks. Only by planning carefully and anticipating all your lawn’s needs can you respond to these risks and keep your turf healthy for the long haul.

Lush Lawn’s expert lawn care services have the resources and expertise to help you with all the most important aspects of summer lawn care, including:

Watering Lawns in Summer

Although Michigan is known for its wet climate, natural rainfall may not be enough to keep your lawn healthy. Particularly if you use the cool season variety of turf grass, it’s necessary to water regularly throughout the summer. In general, you should water your grass in the morning or early in the afternoon. This allows the water to seep into the soil without evaporation, and it prevents moisture from remaining in the yard at night, something that can make your lawn more likely to develop fungal diseases.

Cool turf grass requires a modest amount of water, usually between half an inch and one and a half inches per week. It’s important to stay within this range. Not only does watering your lawn less than that leave it with too little moisture to grow, but excessive watering also creates problems. If you water the grass too much, its roots do not have to grow as deep to get it.

This weakens the lawn in the long run and makes it more likely to succumb to future threats. To help regulate moisture throughout the summer, Lush Lawn offers the Water Maximizer application. Water Maximizer retains moisture, helps water reach your grassroots, and reduces the risks associated with summer heat on your lawn.

Fertilizing Your Lawn in Summer

In addition to modest watering, turf grass in Michigan often requires fertilization to make it through the summer strong. But you don’t want to begin fertilizing when your lawn is in a state of dormancy, as it does not actively grow at that time. For this reason, your lawn fertilizer service will usually wait until August or early September to begin fertilizing. Not only should your grass be growing in earnest at that time, but the high rates of rainfall and cool conditions make it easier for the fertilizer to spread and feed those plants.

Not all fertilizers are created equal, and for grass, you want to use a product with a 25 to 50 percent lower concentration of nitrogen than for other plants. This lets the fertilizer enter the soil at roughly the same rate as the grass grows. As a result, your grass has time to absorb all of the fertilizer, and you don’t have to worry about weeds, fungi, and other harmful plants growing off of the nutrients.

Summer Grub Control

Summer is the time when the outdoors come to life, and for gardening, that’s not always a good thing! Among that summertime, life is the grubs of Japanese beetles and European chafers, which begin laying their eggs toward the end of June. Once these grubs hatch, they will begin to consume the roots of your grass, depriving the turf of the ability to take in nutrients and grow.

Effective grub control is often just a matter of making sure your lawn has enough water and nourishment to resist them. If you water and fertilize the grass effectively, it should grow strong enough to resist a grub infestation. But if the grub problem grows out of control, you may need to use pesticides or other acute control measures. With the help of a professional, you can kill grubs on a large scale without harming your lawn or the surrounding environment.

Mowing in Summer

Summer mowing is critical, as grass that grows too lush will take up too many nutrients and become unsustainable. But cut your grass too short and you make it harder for it to retain moisture or absorb sunlight. Most types of grass should be mowed down to about 3 inches. Make sure to sharpen your mower blade on a regular basis, as a dull blade will tear the grass unevenly and make it vulnerable to disease. You should also leave grass clippings in the soil so that the nutrients can be reused.

For more information on how best to meet your lawn care goals, contact Lush Lawn for lawn care services.

Lush Lawn Shares Spring Lawn Care Tips

Early spring is upon us, which means it is time to start thinking about your lawn. Once the warmer weather is here to stay, it is vital that your property is prepared for a strong growing season.

The experts of Lush Lawn’s lawn care services are here to help with some important tips for spring lawn care:

Raking your lawn helps reduce the thatch that has built up during the winter. Thatch is created by dying or dead grass which covers a fresh layer of healthy grass. Removing this thatch will allow fresh nutrients in, which will ensure that your lawns will be free from restraint. It is important that you do not rake too deeply, however, as it is possible to cause damage to the new growth underneath.

Early spring is the perfect time for a scheduled aeration. By allowing more air flow into your soil, aeration provides a channel for vital nutrients to reach deep down to the roots of your grass. Healthier grass means greener grass.

Testing pH balance is one of Lush Lawn’s most important spring lawn care tip. Testing the pH balance of your soil will determine whether the proper treatment and fertilizers are being applied. Lush Lawn uses cutting edge soil tests that are sent to third-party laboratories for processing. You can count on the results being as accurate as possible. Once the results are in, our lawn care experts can give you a custom soil treatment plan that will bring balance back to your lawn.

Keeping a schedule for clearing weeds and fertilizing will go a long way in maintaining a beautiful lawn. Weeds are ugly, but they also threaten the health of your grass. Weeds suck up any nutrients around them leaving your grass to starve. Effectively combating invasive weeds will protect your turf from extensive damage. For this reason, Lush Lawn is a weed control company who recommends homeowners invest in a lawn care treatment program that protects from invasive weed pests and fertilizing for maximum health.

As a final word of advice, Lush Lawn recommends that homeowners schedule when their lawns are being watered. Southeast Michigan has experienced several drought summers over the past few years. Consistent watering can help alleviate the stress that hot, dry summers can incur on your lawn. To increase the effectiveness of watering, Lush Lawn offers their specialized Water Maximizer treatment that extends and retains moisture even on the hottest and driest summer days.

With spring around the corner, now is the best time to start planning for a new growing season. Spring lawn care is vital, as it sets the precedent for the health of your grass in the following seasons. Lush Lawn offers several comprehensive lawn care programs that optimize the care of your grass in every way.

Contact Lush Lawn today or call 866-668-5296 to learn more about how we can help you and receive a free estimate for spring lawn care.

About Lush Lawn & Safari Tree

Lush Lawn & Safari Tree is a local and family-owned business based in Southeast Michigan with branch locations servicing local communities in Grand Blanc, Saginaw, Brighton, Plymouth and Rochester Hills. Lush Lawn & Safari Tree are dedicated to improving the community in which they work and live. Providing excellent lawn and tree care is our way of doing just that.

Voles Sighted in Michigan Yards

We have started to see activity with voles in a few of our customer properties, where damage is already being noticed within the lawns. Voles are small rodents that are related to the common mouse, though voles tend to have stout bodies, smaller ears and eyes, and a shorter tail. Voles are often referred to as field mice and are classified as rodents, unlike moles.

Voles typically chew on the base of trees and/or shrubs, especially during the winter months. They can also cause damage to various flower bulbs and vegetable roots that may be in your garden. However, the primary food of choice for voles are the stems and blades of grass. You can visibly note damage made by voles through the lawn that has a tunnel-like look – not large mounds of dirt that moles leave behind, but more like tunnels slightly above the ground.

Voles are vegetarians and feeding on young roots and growth can seriously impact and destroy large parts of your lawn, your flower beds, and even cause death in some of your trees and shrubs.

The Lush Lawn team is starting to come across vole activity. This means they are already active and potentially feeding on new growth of your grass. If you notice abnormalities or wish to take preventative measures, contact our pest control team to receive a free estimate!

Safari Tree Offers Spring Tree Care Tips

Even with your trees and plants still covered in snow, it is never too early to begin thinking about the coming spring and warmer months and start preparing your property for the growing season. Here at Safari Tree, our lead Tree Manager and Certified Arborist, Erik Hutson, has some simple tips on how to ensure that your trees and shrubs transition from the cold to the warm.

With the holiday season over, it is important that if you decorated your trees and shrubs with holiday string lights that you remove them and any other form of decorations from the plants. As trees continue to grow each year, having lights wrapped around the trunk and/or limbs could potentially impact the health of the tree by constricting the limbs from developing.

If you prepared your plants prior to the winter months by wrapping or covering them with burlap or other protective materials in anticipation of the harsh Michigan winter elements, it is important to make sure that once the temperatures are no longer at freezing levels, you are removing the coverings. By waiting to remove the coverings could compromise the health and stunt the growth process of the plants.

Once the snow begins to melt away, make time on the weekends to rake and remove any and all debris, leaves, and fruit that may have dropped over the winter months. Leaving them unattended can lead to the potential germination and spread of diseases that can overwinter in the debris – for example, tip blight and apple scab.

In addition to removing the debris under the tree, it is important to add mulch around the base of each tree on your property as this will help in protecting the tree trunks and its roots from any damage. The mulch is more to protect from the damage it may sustain and will still be present the following fall/winter and will continue to protect the trees root zone at that time. We recommend no more than 3” of mulch around the base, but make sure to keep the bark from the trunk as the bark can and will withhold moisture which can cause tree rot.

It is also important to prepare your plants for the growing season by applying a light round of fertilizer, as the fertilizer will give the plants the needed help with the transition from the cold weather to the warmer weather.

Finally, we recommend that in the early spring to prune out the dead limbs of the trees and the best time to do so is when the trees are still dormant. However, if you are not sure what branches are dead or alive, as the trees are budding, you should be able to discern between which limbs are coming out of dormancy and which are not.

While due to the current weather conditions, all you want to do is sit in front of the fire, it is definitely not too early to start thinking about the coming spring and how to prepare your property to come back healthy, green and lush. Safari Tree offers a comprehensive 7-step tree healthcare program for customers in Southeastern Michigan. For more information on tree and shrub health care, contact Safari Tree at 844-500-8733.

New Lush Lawn and Safari Tree Branch Location in Plymouth, MI

Rochester Hills, MI, January 5, 2018 – Lush Lawn & Safari Tree, the leading lawn, tree and pest control provider for Southeastern Michigan is expanding its efforts this week and opening a new branch location in Plymouth, Michigan. The building will officially open for business on January 5th and will offer customers a local team that will provide all their lawn, tree and pest control services.

Aaron Samson, Chief Executive Officer, expressed enthusiasm about the new launch on January 5th, 2018, stating, “Along with the new year, I am looking forward to the new branch location that will expand our services into Plymouth, furthering our reach and ability to continue in servicing the local communities in Southeastern Michigan. As our ultimate goal is delivering and creating the best customer experience, by opening a new location in Plymouth, will provide us the necessary staff and resources to ensure that all of our customers will receive the attention and care they deserve.”

Lush Lawn & Safari Tree has also opened up new locations in Brighton and Rochester Hills in the last five years. Altogether, Lush Lawn & Safari Tree have four locations, including Grand Blanc, the original location where the company started back in 2004.

About Lush Lawn & Safari Tree

Lush Lawn & Safari Tree is a leading lawn, tree and pest control service provider that is locally owned and operated, with corporate offices based in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Originated in 2004, Lush Lawn & Safari Tree have been providing best in class lawn, tree and pest control services across Southeastern Michigan, with locations in Grand Blanc, Brighton, Rochester Hill and Plymouth. To learn more about what Lush Lawn & Safari Tree services, please contact Lush Lawn or visit Safari Tree’s website.

Looking Back at 2017

With the new year around the corner and with Christmas arriving with Santa in just a few short days, it is amazing to gauge how time has flown by. As with all holiday seasons, this is the best time to reflect on the past year, to embrace the good with the bad, to appreciate our employees and especially our customers, and start preparing for the coming year.

In looking ahead, we are excited to continue our focus on:

• Maintaining and sustaining a beautiful lawn that is healthy, green and lush all throughout the year.

• We want our customers to take pride in their lawns, as well as have that important time to spend with their families.

• We care about the trees that surround the homes, providing beauty and protection against the various weather elements that we may encounter throughout the year.

• Supporting the local communities that we service and live in is our way of giving back. As a family-owned business, it is important for us to support our fellow local businesses, as the community will only grow with the commitment and dedication of all us that are a part of those communities.

• Your family’s safety is a primary concern for us – we want to protect everyone from the various disease-carrying pests that frequent our neighborhoods. Including your furry family members too!

• We are dedicated to protecting the environment – all of our services and treatments are specifically designed to not every over treat or under threat. We want the plants that surround us to flourish, grown and stay healthy!

We are so looking forward to 2018 and continuing our mission to change the world, one lawn at a time. All of us here at Lush Lawn and Safari Tree wish all you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We’ll see you soon!

Celebrating National Arbor Day

National Arbor Day connects more deeply with us here are Safari Tree beyond just our combined love and care for trees – the person responsible for the idea of National Arbor Day originated from Detroit, Michigan back in 1854 by the name of Julius Sterling Morton.  He was one of the many pioneers that made their way across the Midwest, moving into the Nebraska Territory.  Both he and his wife were nature lovers and they surround their newfound home in Nebraska with trees, plants and shrubs.  

This month, April 28th marks the 145th year of celebrating the importance of trees in our environment, in our lives as well as promoting tree planting and care.  All fifty states, Puerto Rico and some US territories have passed legislation adopting Arbor day, and throughout the world, many countries are also celebrating the planting of trees, caring for them and learning their value.  

The Arbor Day Foundation is one of the world’s largest nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to planting trees and each year the Foundation plants and distributes more than 10 million trees.  The Foundation is also focused on helping to preserve rain forest land through the Rain Forest Rescue program, and so far more than 48,000 acres of rain forest land have been preserved through their efforts.

So take a moment tomorrow to either plant a new tree or look at what you need to do to care for the trees you have on your property in honor of such a grand celebration that recognizes the value trees bring to our lives, to our environment, to our future.

For more information about the Arbor Day Foundation, please visit www.arborday.org.  

“The cultivation of flowers and trees is the cultivation of the good, the beautiful and the ennobling in man, and for one, I wish to see this culture become universal.” – Julius Sterling Morton

We’re Hiring!

Do you like working outside, enjoying the weather and knowing you are helping to create a beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy? Or do you like talking to people and finding solutions to their needs and/or issues?

We are a Michigan-based, family-owned lawn, tree and pest control business that focuses on delivering the best in customer service, creating a great customer experience, and promoting a team and family spirit within that crosses over in how we engage with our customers and with each other.

Our service areas are lawn care under the Lush Lawn brand, and tree and shrub health care and pest control under our sister brand, Safari Tree. All our team members receive hands on training and assistance with certification based on the position.

We are also committed and dedicated in serving and giving back to our local communities through volunteer efforts and donations support for local organizations.

Our corporate mission is:

To provide the ultimate customer service experience, while maintain the beauty and wellness of the environment that we live, work and play in.

Anticipating tremendous growth for our business this year, we are looking for new superstar team members to join our family as we head into the spring season!

So if you have the passion, the drive, and the motivation to succeed and make a difference, contact us today to learn more about the opportunities we have available!

Veterans Day

On November 11, 1919, Armistice Day was created to honor the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Seven years later, the US Congress passed a resolution in 1926 that this would be an annually observed day, and then in 1938, November 11th officially became a national holiday.

According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, there is a common misunderstanding between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day, the fourth Monday in May) honors American service members who died in service to their country, whereas Veterans Day pays tribute to all American veterans – those still here and those we have lost – with special focus and gratitude to the living veterans who served our country honorably during war and/or peacetime.

There are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States today, with 9.2 million veterans over the age of 65, and 1.9 million veterans under the age of 35. There are 1.8 million veterans that are women.

With the recent election, it is important to remember why we honor those that have served this country of ours and why it is ever more important that we focus on those that are currently serving the United States and how we need to continue to rise above and never forget the sacrifices being made so that we are safe and protected.